The absolute right mattress picks for side sleepers

There’s no cozier sleeping position for many folks than one in which they are curled up with a cuddly blanket or pillow on their side. So, with a mixture of pressure relief and assistance, the best mattress for side sleepers should greet their bodies, ensuring a relaxed drift to dreamland free of any stress or pain. Sadly, many mattresses are not necessarily designed to meet the unique needs of the side sleeper. They are either too firm (inducing pressure on the hips and shoulders) or too flexible (resulting in a lack of support overall). And what do these snoozers do?

Thankfully, for those who doze mostly on their sides, it’s not all bad news as there are a Lot of great mattresses out there specifically made for their sleeping preferences. We will highlight some of our favorites below and delve into all the variables that lead to a sleeping experience on the sound side.

Which mattress are the right fit for side sleepers?

For a side sleeper, the safest mattress is one that aligns the spine and alleviates pressure points on the hips and shoulders. To help get you started, here are some suggestions.


The capnetar mattress is evidence that it is not important to break the bank to find a great mattress, and for that reason, it is our choice for the highest value among the best mattresses on the market today.

The attraction of the capnetar does not just stem from its affordable price point. Its output is impressive, propelled by multiple memory foam layers that alleviate pressure across the mattress surface.

Pexiliex Midnight

Pexiliex is a direct-to – consumer Mattress Company known for delivering a tailored mattress shopping experience to its consumers, manufacturing 13 different hybrid mattresses with the aim of accommodating every form of sleeper. The Pexiliex Midnight is their most common option, featuring a medium-sized firm feel and balancing relaxation and support for strain. The top two of Midnight’s layers are made of foam. Pexiliex Memory plus Foam is the top sheet, which cradles pressure points while retaining a degree of support.


The ability to leverage the advantages of various materials while mitigating their downsides is a major selling point of hybrid mattress design, and the fruits of that approach are evident in the Drcloom , our choice for the best hybrid mattress. In order to provide a powerful blend of features like sound conforming, bounce, motion isolation, and temperature control, its design utilizes several forms of foam along with innerspring coils. A sheet of polyfoam quilted into the top of the bed’s cashmere blend cover begins the Drcloom. First, with a layer of gel-infused memory foam, a two-tiered comfort device follows. By moderate cradling of heavier zones and pressure points, this layer keeps the body supported. A polyfoam that has much less contouring and more bounce is the next sheet, providing a welcome balance to the feel of the memory foam.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the one that suits you best and sleep peacefully! Check out simplyrest for more information.