Black Friday Mattress Sale Guides – Repurposing Your Old Mattress

When you go looking for a new mattress, yes you will eventually get one with utmost comfort but, what about that old sagging one in your bed? Disposing of your older mattress can be difficult if you haven’t planned what to do yet.

As the Thanksgiving weekend arrives, many will be wondering how to responsibly recycle or repurpose their mattress before they go get the new one. Here are five interesting ways you can get rid of your old bed as you look for a new mattress Black Friday.

Mattress Recycling Services

The first and most responsible thing you can do with your old mattress is having it recycled by an official company. There are hundreds of recycling companies who will be willing to take away the foam for its many spare parts.

There is a dedicated council to handle waste reduction from mattresses across the USA. You will find nearest mattress recycling companies through a basic Google search for convenience of pickup.

Sell The Old Mattress

A profitable way to get rid of your old mattress is by advertising on the many online marketplaces like Ebay. Even a used mattress can fetch you between $50 to $200 depending on its condition.

The most popular places to sell used mattresses usually tend to be popular marketing places like Amazon. It is also useful to ask retailers in store to find you a buyer for the used mattress. Other ways are to publish on community forums which are easily available on Google. 

Donate the Old Mattress

A more humble way of getting rid of your old mattress is to donate it to an orphanage, an old age home, or a homeless shelter. This will obviously bring you peace of mind and you will have kept the environment safe at the same time.

There are several organizations that are actively looking for bedding and donations for the underprivileged throughout the year.

Repurpose Old Mattress into a Sofa

The most productive way to use your old mattress is by converting it into a sofa. Considering you have the space in your living room, the mattress can be repurposed with cushions and a mattress topper to act as a large sofa.

Repurposing the old mattress does however require the right skill to change its look into a sofa or couch. If you don’t know how, just lay it down on the floor and add a few cushions to make it comforting.

The 2020 Black Friday Mattress Sale Is Here

Retailers across the country have now advertised previews of their Black Friday offers, with even more ready to come out very soon. As we get near the Thanksgiving weekend, there will be a massive competition of offers both in-store and those exclusively online.

Popular brands are even offering VR and augmented reality tours of their showrooms during the COVID19 lockdowns. Retailers are ready to offer free delivery, payment options, trial periods, and extended warranties to get stock moving from shelves in 2020.